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provides pioneers and leaders A venue to share ideas, innovations and discuss the future of aerospace safety and technology

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Inventory of topics under consideration for when our normal program resumes:


  • AI and Machine Learning in Aviation: Will the algorithms work?
  • Lighter than Air Vehicles - Robust opportunities or just hot air?
  • Lunar Landings - Lunacy or Laudable?
  • LEO satellites and HALE drones - Same "space, "complementary capabilities, comparable costs?
  • Aircraft automation advances – Advantages or accident-prone?
  • Cyber threats – how do we protect our national defense assets?
  • Drone deliveries – latest developments and when will this become mainstream?
  • Space Traffic Management (STM) – maintaining separation in an increasing crowded space
  • Aircraft certification – how do we foster safety, technology advancement and international collaboration?
  • Impact of expanded wireless use and crowded electromagnetic spectrum on both aircraft and space control. (Comms, GPS, telemetry, spacecraft command and control).


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